Did you know that homeowner insurance companies often require that fuse boxes be replaced? Pictured is a perfect example of the hazards of a fuse box. All the 30 amp fuses pictured should be 15 amps. When the antiquated 15 amp fuses kept blowing under the strain of modern appliances (indicating an overloaded wire and a need for a new line), someone put in a 30 amp fuse instead. Presto! no more blown fuses. HOWEVER, what seems like a cheap, quick fix has produced an overheating wire that poses a serious fire hazard.

Whenever the built in safety elements of an electrical system have been compromised a serious silent danger has been created. Modern electrical circuit breakers cannot be compromised like the old fuse systems. Insurance companies have found fewer fires with circuit breakers than with fuses. Hence, they require them.

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~ Frank