Recently, working in an older couples home, I replaced an inadequate ceiling light fixture. When I turned it on the homeowner gushed, “It’s like my other cataract is gone!” (He had recently had one removed and was awaiting the 2nd removal.)

While every situation isn’t this extreme, working and living in ‘low light homes’ is frustrating. Applying band-aids by adding more floor and table lamps doesn’t help the root problem.
When I’m called into a lighting job I begin asking questions, i.e: What is the room used for? When is it more often used, day or night? Where do you sit? Is there a reading area? etc. These questions help determine the best options.
An experienced professional brings to the table, ideas gleaned from years upgrading lighting, often in identical room conditions such as yours. A 30 minute YouTube video simply can’t compare. Call me to schedule an appointment for a lighting consultation for your home.